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-  Thich Nhat Hahn   -

STUDIO BE was founded in 2016. Before I knew, an internship turned into a permanent assignment and STUDIO BE by me became a fact.

By me that's me... 

My name is Angelique Boset and I would like to welcome you to this website in my virtual studio.  Of course STUDIO BE has a location, but not as a regular yoga studio, where you can take weekly classes. I do give retreats from STUDIO BE from time to time, but COVID 19 has put this on hold. 

But you can find "me":. online and live at various yoga schools and training institutes. 

Where I started in 2016 as a yoga teacher, movement and orthomolecular nutrition coach ánd designer, dividing my attention between two extremes, which, connected by yoga, constantly released creative energy, like yin and yang in motion...


I now only give few regular classes and have developed further into a Yoga Teacher Trainer.  Focusing on Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, MFR and Fascia.

Yoga is a way of life to me, I can't imagine a day without yoga, that also applies to creative processes. It feels great when I can express ideas.

I stopped designing, but creativity still comes in handy when developing workshop and educations. Behind the scenes I'm working on my biggest dream of writing a book and Yinstar a holistic yoga module for women.

Movement and culture have always played a major role in my life; in addition to pre-university education, I followed the Rotterdam Dance Academy Preparatory Course, followed by Law and Art & Culture Studies at the EUR.


Whiplash and long-term illness placed yoga on my path and accelerated my recovery so much that there was a desire to introduce others to yoga. It became the beginning ofa never ending story....

Yoga helps me energy to flow freelyand be the best version of me; it keeps me in balance and teaches me to connect with and listen to my body.

I also try to make that connection feel in my yoga classes. Your body, energy and mind are one whole and you are part of a larger whole. Like a microcosm in the macrocosm. Connected to each other, in receiving and giving. You are part of nature and when you live according to your own nature. You will experience much more balance in your life. That does not mean that there will always be balance. Nothing is always in balance, there are ups and downs, but it does help you bounce back faster than going against your nature. Something I had to experience myself. It's better to move with the flow than against the current. 


Something I also like to emphasize during my classes and workshops: "Listen to your unique bodin the moment, here and now and don't compare yourself to anyone else! Every day is different, you are different every day and every person is different! As Paul Grilley says:"Same, same but different" 


For as long as I remember like to make people happyWhile creating, teaching yoga and giving workshops, I experience happiness, connection, balance and energy in the moment. Something I like to pass on to everyone around me…  

I never get tired of learning. In the meantime I have completed more than 1000 hours of teacher training, became an E-RYT®500 and YACEP registered yoga teacher and yoga therapist. But that doesn't mean my journey of discovery has stopped. 


I constantly follow courses to keep developing, to gain new insights and to be able to pass this on to my students and the people around me...


InRotterdam (yinles) as a substitute teacher on Sunday mornings 9.15-10.30 AM

For workshops see


Pure Energy Yoga as a guest teacher trainer for the MFR module and the basic and in-depth module.

YAN Yoga Academy Netherlands   as teacher of the holistic anatomy module I created with much pleasure

Yoga Vidya Rotterdam since September 2021 as a teacher trainer for the yin module I developed for them with gratitude.

ALO Yoga Aacademy as a teacher trainer for Yin modules 1, 2 and 3


Are you interested in a private session or workshop on location. Feel free to contact me at:  I will get back to you within two working days.

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